Rapid Repair of Damaged Surfaces

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Fusion Clear concentrated formula can repair multiple cars per ounce. Restore 11 -50 cars per bottle depending on application.

8oz. Fusion Clear
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16oz. Fusion Clear
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32oz. Fusion Clear
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Fusion Clear Quick Coat Starting at $99
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8-32oz  Fusion Finisher
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8oz. Fusion Clear Combo
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Fusion Clean
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Fusion Prep
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60ml. Fusion Clear
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2 - Fusion Clear 10ml Pouches
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The Headlight Restoration Line

Pro All Inclusive Headlight Kit
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Pro HL Coat Pack
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Yellow X - Pre-Cleaner
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The Odor Destroyer Line

OdorXout Xtreme
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Master Tech Associate - Aaron Snouffer

The right products, knowledge, and support for your success.

With a rich 30-year history rooted deeply in the automotive services industry, I bring unparalleled expertise and hands-on experience to the table. My tenure has equipped me with mastery in exterior reconditioning, ensuring vehicles are not just functional but aesthetically pristine. My expertise extends to automotive interior repair, restoring interiors to their original splendor, and ensuring passenger safety. Further complementing my skill set, I possess proficiency in auto accessories, understanding the nuances of both practicality and style. In addition, my prowess in vinyl graphic installation has enabled countless vehicles to showcase unique identities and brand messaging. As a seasoned professional, my commitment to quality, attention to detail, and passion for automotive beautification and functionality remain unwavering.

See my Company at https://www.dspro.co  



Training levels are available to meet your needs.

Selected Services for 1.5 day training: $495

Paint, Trim & Headlights for 3 day training: $995

Call: 513-773-6177
Email: Aaron@dspro.co


Fusion Clear bonds to damage and pores to renew surfaces and protect from the elements. Fusion Clear is the most effective restorative coating available that instantly repairs surfaces including plastic, painted and more.

Created By Recon Tech's For Recon Tech's

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We understand what is takes to run a successful reconditioning business. We've been there. It's hard work!

Let Fusion Clear make work much easier. Eliminate buffing and cleanup with our profit boosting formula and see premium results in less time. Along with your Touch-up kit, 2-3oz of Fusion Clear can generate $1000-$1500 in 6-8 hours. It's not just quicker repairs but the quality your customers are happy to pay for.


Fusion-Clear Automotive



Dvelup International is the direct manufacturer and owner of the proprietary formula in Fusion Clear.
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