Fusion Clear, RAPID Scratch Surface Reconditioning


Rapidly Repairing Surfaces

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Fusion Clear concentrated formula can repair multiple cars per ounce. Restore 11 -50 cars per bottle depending on application.

8oz. Fusion Clear
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Fusion Clear 2-pack
16oz Fusion Clear repairs minor clear coat damage $87.50 Each 
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Fusion Clear 4-pack
$68.75 Each 
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Fusion Clear Quick Coat
Starting at $68.75 
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Fusion Finisher
Starting at $95
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Fusion Clear Combo
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Fusion Clean
Starting at $17.98
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Fusion Prep
Starting at $17.98
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60ml. Fusion Clear
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2 - Fusion Clear 10ml Pouches
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The Headlight Restoration Line

Pro All Inclusive Headlight Kit
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Pro HL Coat Pack
Starting at $64.99
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Yellow X - Pre-Cleaner
Starting at $17.99
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The Odor Destroyer Line

OdorXout Xtreme
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Fusion Clear bonds to damage and pores to renew surfaces and protect from the elements. Fusion Clear is the most effective restorative coating available that instantly repairs surfaces including plastic, painted and more.

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We understand what is takes to run a successful reconditioning business. We've been there. It's hard work!
Let Fusion Clear make work much easier. Eliminate buffing and cleanup with our profit boosting formula and see premium results in less time. Along with your Touch-up kit, 2-3oz of Fusion Clear can generate $1000-$1500 in 6-8 hours. It's not just quicker repairs but the quality your customers are happy to pay for.


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You have our full support in making sure you get the most from Fusion Clear. We provide free video phone support as often as you need it and when you need it.

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